Shopping to Death

November 29, 2008

The Walmart and the Toys are Us murders on Black Friday highlight the real terror of a political and economic system rushing towards the cliff.  Green shopping and new leaders just wont cut it.  Unlike Walmart’s holiday TV ad showing happy clerks opening the store for America’s shoppers the reality is unthinking consumers stampeding over under paid Jdimytai Damour killed in a frenzy to buy what? Or two gunmen shooting each other in a California Toys Are Us all in the spirit of celebrating the birth of a homeless prince of peace. Did Toys of Us run out of radio controlled Reaper Drones or the latest plastic AK 47? The holiday spirit is alive in China as toy factories close and nearly unpaid workers are locked out. Unlike their American counterparts the Chinese unemployed are rising up as are millions of others who are enjoying the wonders of global free trade.  

While Americans are busy witnessing the televised terror in India a corporate global assault is steamrolling our Earth towards an environmental crash where billion dollar bailouts are adding fuel to the fire of failed states, mass starvation, and a road warrior future.

But the great global economic crash may be the crisis that finally awakens a people from a nightmare where stamping a Walmart clerk to death in a blind rush to buy the perfect plastic gift is considered  the perfect way to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.  Thousands of people see the crisis for what it is and it is possible if we continue to cook for peace, plant food on our lawns and share our love with our community that we can transform our world.  Corporations are closing and states are failing but the spirit of community is growing. Seek out your local Food Not Bombs chapter and enjoy the “great turning.”


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